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 Travel information
   - The way to Gwangju from Incheon airport by the express bus
   - The way to Seoul (or Incheon airport) from Gwangju 

Venue : Location of Chosun University (Campus Map)

Registration : To register use Registration on the top of the main page. Registration fee is USD 100 (USD 70 for students and post-docs), which needs to be remitted for the completion of registration. This includes various expenses during the conference such as tee/coffee, printed matter, banquet, excursion, transportation, etc.

Note: If you also register SEOUL ICM 2014, you are eligible for a partial ICM registration fee remission which will be approximately 30% of the satellite registration fee (keep the receipt.)

Short talks : Session of short talks (20 min) will be organized for participants who are willing to present their recent results. If you want to give a short talk, please provide your title and abstract by using Registration. It is recommended to submit them before July 10. If there are more applications than can be accommodated, some of them may be allocated in the poster session. The final list will be decided and notified later.

Travel information : How to get to Chosun university (PDF Download)

Most participants are recommended to fly to  Incheon International Airport.  If you are from China or Japan or Taiwan, Gimpo International Airport may be a good option.

If you land at Incheon International Airport, the express bus from Incheon International Airport to Gwangju Bus Terminal is highly recommended for your convenience. Please be advised there is another city in Korea also named Gwangju. Make sure you are going to the one in Jeollanam-do/Jeolla-do Province. (See more detail)

If you prefer train, please check the KTX train schedule. You need to move to the KTX station (How to get to Yongsan Station), then purchase a ticket to come to Gwangju Station. It takes 3 hours and it costs USD 33.00 for one way.

If you are landing at Gimpo International Airport, the domestic airline is the best way to come to Gwangju city. Please check the flight schedule  at Gimpo International Airport. It takes only 40 minutes from Gimpo to Gwangju by plane. The airfare is around USD 70.00 for one way.

Accommodation : Global House, Chosun University

Global House is a dormitory for students. Each room has two beds and a separated toilet and shower room.  The rate is 36,000 KRW per night. If you would like to share your room,  let us know, while doing registration, with whom you share the room.

Please be notified that all payments should be made in cash and upon arrival. No credit cards are accepted. We apologize if this may cause any inconvenience.

(1) Items available : a desk, a shelf, a chair, a closet (with mirror and shoe rack), a LAN outlet, phone, bed sheet, vertical curtains, and a clothes drying rack.

(2) Items you need to bring : towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, hair dryer, hangers, etc, and  other toiletries which you need (toilet paper and tissue will be provided).

(3) Facilities: computer room, laundry room, lounge.

(4) Information
   - The Dormitory Management Team : 062-608-5951
   - Global House : 062-608-5151~5
   - International office : 062-230-6499,

   - Breakfast will be served at cafeteria in the first floor of Global House.

   - Campus map for Global House:

Contact :

The way to Gwangju, Jeollanamdo from Incheon airport by the express bus

Bus Trip : Buses run directly from the Incheon International airport to the city of Gwangju. You will need to have some cash approximately 35,000 Korean won (about US$35).

The express bus schedule : bus schedule at Incheon International Airport.

The bus trip to Gwangju takes approximately four-and-a-half hours. There will be 15 minutes break in a rest area when the bus stops en route to its destination. Please take note of your bus number (there will be many buses around) when you get off for restroom or some snacks.

* For more detailed information on the arrival procedure, please refer to Incheon International Airport website:

A.  Go out of the airport and find the booth that sells ticket for Gwangju, Jeolla Province. After buying your ticket, proceed to Bus Stop No.9C-10C for the bus to Gwangju (please double check this, there might be new changes). Check the information counter for direction. Don not be afraid to ask around but be careful of those who you ask. There will be some drivers to offer their car or taxi but that will be very expensive. Travel only by bus.

First Floor Map at International Airport


B. Then purchase your bus ticket at any of the bus ticket booths. Specify and be clear that you are going to Gwangju City in Jeollado or Jeolla Province (there's another City in Kyeonggi Province with the same name). Ticket price (as of writing, a plan to increase public commodities) might cost around 35-40,000 won (US$ 40.00). Ticket will have your seat number, time and other details.

C. Wait for the bus at this section 9C (double check and ask around if that will still be the designated bus stop when you come) check the destination name Gwangju. Bus will promptly arrive at the designated time and will leave as soon as passengers have all boarded the bus.


From the bus terminal to Global House (Chosun University dormitory)

You can take a taxi at U Square terminal to Chosun University, or to your accommodation. It will take less than 30 minutes costing between 10 and 15 USD. You may show to the taxi driver the following message which is in Korean.




The way to Seoul (or Incheon airport) from GwangJu

You can use Limousine bus (to Incheon  airport), Express bus, and KTX (to Seoul). Check the Schedule.